Virgin Australia Keeps Fly Ahead Free for Top Tier Frequent Flyers

6th Sep 2016

Virgin Australia's Gold and Platinum Velocity members with an Elevate or higher fare will still be able to move to an earlier domestic flight on Virgin Australia, free of charge, provided there's a spare seat, as VA continues to offer these customers free Fly Ahead.

However, the carrier has previously reported that "changes might apply" to Fly Ahead requests on Elevate, Freedom, Business and Business Saver domestic fares, as per the revised fare structure, which begins on 7th September (this Wednesday).

The Fly Ahead will not be available for travellers who booked the Getaway fare, the cheapest of the five. This could be a problem for some business travelers who booked a flight under the "Lowest Fare of the Day" policy.

A spokesman for Virgin Australia said:

"Gold and Platinum Velocity members who have purchased an Elevate fare or higher will be permitted to Fly Ahead in the same cabin providing there is a spare seat. "No payment on any fare difference will be required."

Fly Ahead scheme has proven to be extremely useful to business travelers whose meeting are canceled or cut short and have to fly back earlier than they planned or expected by boarding an earlier flight than the one they originally booked.

The problem for Virgin, however, is that many frequent flyers have found a loophole in the Fly Ahead scheme, which they exploit by booking the lowest possible fare for the Economy Class on the cheapest flight and then move to an earlier flight, which listed more expensive fares, using Fly Ahead.

Virgin Australia Launches Economy Space+

Virgin Australia has also kick-started its new Economy Space+ product, offering a more seamless s experience for guests in the main cabin on international and domestic services.

Judith Crompton, Chief Commercial Officer at VA said:

"We are committed to providing our guests with more choice and comfort when flying with Virgin Australia. We believe Economy Space+ provides great value and will be very popular with travellers in the main cabin."

Economy Space+ replaces Extra Legroom on Virgin Australia's network.