Virgin Australia Launches A330 Service on Brisbane to Perth Route

27th May 2013

Virgin Australia successfully launched its Coast to Coast service between Brisbane and Perth over a week ago, initially on a twice-daily frequency. The event marked the first for the airline to use the wide-body twin-engine A330 aircraft on this route.

Previously, Virgin Australia utilized a smaller aircraft, the narrow-body Boeing 737, for the said route which has a smaller capacity.

The airline's spokesman disclosed, however, to the Australian Business Traveller that business travelers on the Brisbane-Perth will be seeing two variants of the A330 service. The first variant will have the newest A330 plane straight out of the factory featuring lie-flat seats on a 2-2-2 layout whereas the second variant will have the older version of the plane featuring a 2-3-2 layout with recliner seats. He added that the two variants will have to be deployed on a rotational basis or as needed.

The spokesman was quick to add and said that the odds are in favor of the passengers because they have four A330s in their fleet, twice the number of the older versions. This was to appease those who may have grumbled about the odds of getting a flight on the newer plane.

He assured the business travelers that either planes will still offer a better alternative to Boeing 737's standard recliners.

The economy class of the A330 also offers more space to move around for the passengers with its standard 2-4-2 layout, in contrast to Boeing 737's 3-3 seat configuration.

Virgin Australia's Brisbane-Perth A330 flights

If you are aching to get on board a A330 flight on a transcontinental flight, take note of the tips below.

Virgin Australia has thrice-daily return flights for its Brisbane-Perth route: one in the morning, VA464 (ETD 8:45am); one in late afternoon, VA468 (ETD 5:30pm); and another flight in the evening, VA474 (ETD 8:15pm).

Two of these flights, VA464 (morning flight) and VA474 (evening flight), use the A330 plane.

The A330 plane are also deployed on the Perth-Brisbane leg with flight numbers VA469 (12.30pm) and VA473 (10.45pm) flights.

One can also catch a lone A330 return flight on the airline's weekend schedule with flight numbers VA474/VA473 service.

On occasion, Virgin Australia deploys its B737 plane when necessary during the weekend.

The airline official said that its Melbourne-Perth route is now an all-A330 service. As soon as they take delivery of their seventh A330 before the year ends, the Sydney-Perth route will also be converted into an exclusive A330 service as well.