Virgin Australia Offers Best Job

17th Jun 2013

Six job positions are on offer in a contest organized by Australia's State and Territory Tourism Organisations, which started March this year.

Who would want the best job in the world Down Under? Eighteen finalists to the contest organized by Tourism Australia have already arrived in the country via Sydney last week to vie for the six coveted positions in the country's tourism campaign programs.

However, the agency announced last month that it was offering a seventh slot for any 22-year old Melburnian to make use of her photography skills to develop destination content for the agency's social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ channels and Twitter.

But Virgin Australia is not to be left behind with its own job offer to 18 of the finalists currently slugging it out for the six coveted titles. The airline has offered the position, aptly called Virgin Australia High Flyer, whose job is to fly to all four corners of the continent and discover the latest in world-class service in culture, dining and entertainment while savoring the experience of a lifetime.

Mark Hassel, Virgin Australia's Chief Customer Officer, remarked, "The role of High Flyer will allow us to gather rich insights, trends and new ideas in service from right across Australia to expand and enhance our own service offering,?

He added that the program, in their own unique way, will afford them to inspire both local and international visitors who come to experience the country's world-class service that it is known for.

The lucky contestant will get the opportunity to travel across the continent and experience a kaleidoscope of sights and cultural diversity of every state and territory and share to the world his interesting insights on the country.

The eighteen contestants were flown in to the country last week to embark on a series of challenges across the country to test their mettle until six of them will remain standing and get the best job.