Virgin Australia Offers Freebies on Economy

7th Feb 2014

Whatever Qantas does, Virgin Australia is not far behind, ready to take on whatever challenge Qantas may bring up to the table.

Now, Virgin Australia is trying to outdo the flag carrier with their own in-flight offering - free snacks and beverage on economy class!

Lucky customers will get the chance to sample Virgin Australia's new offering if they fly between the major cities of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, starting today.

According to the airline's spokesperson, the free service is on a trial phase on the carrier's long-term plan to offer free full meals and beverage as a standard service for all its flights across its network that it will hopefully introduce later this year.

Starting today, passengers flying on any of the tri-city routes will be able to sample the delectable snacks and beverage aboard their flight such as banana bread, muffins, biscuits, cheese and crackers. Beverage selections include hot coffee or tea, water and fruit juice. The airline will collect the feedback on each menu from customers during the trial period and will design their in-flight menu based on that feedback.

Furthermore, the airline will offer soft drinks and alcoholic beverages during weekdays, between 4 P.M. and 7 P.M.

With Virgin Australia's latest free in-flight menu offering, Qantas has lost its advantage somewhat over the former.

The national flag carrier has been offering free food and drinks to its passengers aboard all domestic flights in addition to free checked baggage on all classes. This has often been the carrier's edge over Virgin Australia for quite some time already.

Virgin Australia has already been offering free meals on board transcontinental 'coast-to-coat' flights between the east coast cities (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) and the west coast city of Perth. That means, your ticket should show Perth as your destination if you fly from either three of the major cities in the east coast.