Virgin Australia Opens New Brisbane Lounge, with Premium Entry

2nd Sep 2015

The much-beloved Premium Entry concept by Virgin Australia is now available at Brisbane Airport. In addition to that, the lounge itself has been refurbished and redesigned and it will be a completely new experience for guests.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the concept, Premium Entry allows visitors a much quicker access from the airport's valet parking area into the lounge. All you have to do is go through the dedicated security screening lanes.

Virgin Australia offers the same thing to their customers in Sydney and, just like with that airport, Brisbane Airport lounge Premium Entry also welcomes business class travelers with Velocity Gold, Platinum and The Club cards, which have only carry-on bags with them.

To access the lounge simply follow the prominent Premium Entry signs, which will lead you to the exterior of the terminal. Once there, you'll see a door marked 'Premium Entry' on the right. Don't get confused to go through the left door, though, that's 'Terminal Entry'.

At the entrance, you'll be greeted and checked in by Virgin Australia's friendly staff, and after clearing security, simply use one of the nearby escalators, which will lead you to the lounge itself.

If you've already been to this lounge before, you'll notice that it's now much bigger than it used to be. There is now space for more than 400 seated guests and the food and beverage area has also been renewed.

If you're up for a cocktail, beer, or wine, there's plenty to choose from here and you can relax in the lounge while the well-known leaf roof pattern above you gives you plenty of natural light.

And, of course, if you're here for some business, there's a quite area for that in the far corner of the lounge, complete with computers and printers.

According to Virgin Australia, the new Brisbane Airport lounge will be unveiled sometimes next week.