Virgin Australia Passengers Can Now Access Unlimited Wifi

27th Sep 2013

Virgin Australia continues to set the trend in flight entertainment with the introduction of extended wi-fi access to its passengers.

Unlike before when passengers had to use the aircraft's own installed tablets to access online entertainment, they can now access online using their own smartphones, laptops and tablets. This was discovered by Liam Rasmussen, a Business Traveller contributor, who was on a test-flight from Melbourne to Sydney to find for himself this good news.

The extended wi-fi service was officially launched only early last week as an enhanced service of Virgin Australia though it had been offered already by over a dozen aircraft since mid-August.

Currently, close to 40 aircraft are now outfitted with the new wi-fi access points on selected flights to and from New Zealand and the Pacific Island countries. The airline assured that before the end of this year, wi-fi access points would also be installed on all of its Boeing 737 as well as Embraer E190 aircraft.

To access the airline's inflight program menu using their own gadgets, passengers need to download and activate first the application software before boarding the plane. So while waiting for their flight, passengers have to this simple procedure before they can enjoy the new service.

The new enhanced service now offers passengers more options in their viewing pleasure while on board.

Be aware though that, unless you're on a business class, charging outlets are not offered on board. So make sure that your gadget is fully charged if you have a long flight ahead if you're on an economy class.

If you like world geography and would like to explore places that you want to travel to, the high quality map installed with the inflight system can be your useful tool.

Don't panic though if your viewing pleasure is interrupted during inflight announcement as the app will automatically pause momentarily.