Virgin Australia to Attract American Travelers

23rd Jun 2015

Virgin Australia is about to enter a $50 million worth partnership with Tourism Australia whose ultimate goal will be attracting passengers from United States.

This move is not at all surprising if we know that the number of travelers from America to Australia went up 10 per cent last year to 553,000. In addition, the amount those travelers spent went 9 per cent up from last year, and is now $2.8 billion.

American Market to be Worth Between $4.5 and $5.5 by 2020

According to Tourism Austral, the American market should be worth between $4.5 and 5.5 billion by 2020.

Managing director of Tourism Australia John O?Sullivan said:

?Building strong and sustainable relationships with our airline partners has become a key plank in our growth strategy and nowhere has this been more productive than in our evolving partnership with Virgin Australia, particularly some of the great recent work we?ve been doing together in the United States.?

O?Sullivan continued:

?At A$50 million this is a very significant deal in financial terms and also in its scope, covering marketing campaigns, trade and business events as well as media hosting.?

Sullivan also explained that the agreement with Virgin Australia will bring valuable support for his organization?s global campaigns and marketing activities.

Deal Starts on 1st July, Uses Virgin?s Entire Destination Network

The deal will begin on 1st July and will last 5 years. It will use the carrier?s 450 international and 47 domestic destinations to bring more arrivals from key markets.

John Borghetti, Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Australia said he is looking forward to working with Tourism Australia.

He also said:

?Virgin Australia recognizes the importance of working closely with Tourism Australia to promote this great country to the world.?

One of the key reasons for an upsurge of American travelers in Australia is the weaker Australian dollar. This, combined with great weather, beautiful and attractive locations and good service has been one of the things that pull Americans to visit Australia.