Virgin Australia to Introduce New Rules on Baggage Limits

6th Jan 2013

With Virgin Australia's migration to a new booking system, good news await customers as it has also introduced new rules regarding baggage limits on all its flights effective January 13, 2013.

In some cases, however, there seems to be no big changes at all, especially for members whose status level falls below Velocity Platinum traveling on Premium and Business fares. For most travelers traveling on Saver Lite, Saver and Flexi fares, regardless of status levels of their membership in the Velocity Frequent Flyers program, it's mostly good news.

Velocity Platinum.

Travelers flying on economy will certainly get a pleasant surprise upon purchase of their tickets. Based on the amended baggage rules, those who are flying on the cheapest ticket, Saver Lite, will now be able to lug 2 pieces of checked baggage/s at most or up to 23 kilos maximum for each luggage. Meanwhile, those who are traveling on the next cheapest ticket and above may now be able to lug up to 3 pieces of luggage for check-in, each weighing no more than 32 kilos.

Velocity Gold.

In the new rules, travelers on Saver Lite fare are now allocated one piece of checked baggage allowance of up to 23 kilos. Those who are traveling on Saver and Flexi fares, they will now get to enjoy extra piece of baggage or a total of 2 pieces not weighing more than 23 kilos each. Those who are traveling on business and premium economy tickets, however, will have to enjoy the same 2 pieces of luggage of up to 32 kilos apiece.

Velocity Silver.

As with Velocity Gold status, travelers on the cheapest fare on Velocity Silver will now enjoy the privilege of bringing one piece of checked baggage weighing up to 23 kilos. Travelers on Saver and Flexi fares are now allocated of up to 46 kilos or 2 pieces of luggage. Those who are on the Premium and Business class, they will still enjoy the same allowance as before, with up to 2 pieces of luggage or 32 kilos apiece.

Velocity Red and non-Velocity members.

Velocity Red members and non-members will still get the same baggage allowance especially when traveling on Flexi fares or above. Travelers on Saver Lite ticket are still not entitled to a baggage allowance. Only travelers on a Saver fare will see real change as they are now allocated one piece of luggage of 23 kilos maximum.