Virgin Australia to Offer Free in Flight Meals

6th Jan 2014

If there's something to look forward to for passengers flying with Virgin Australia on February 2014, it must be the in-flight meals and drinks.

I did say it's free, right? Well, free meals and drinks are so rare these days but that's exactly what Virgin Australia is going to offer to passengers on selected flights.

Passengers flying on the country's two busy routes such as Sydney-Brisbane and Sydney-Melbourne will get the chance to enjoy free dining tens of thousands of feet above ground. According to a Virgin Australia spokesperson, the free meals will be part of the airline's trial run to improve their in-flight menu.

Passengers on these selected flight will be offered light meals and snacks plus vegetarian options.

The new service will eventually be extended to all domestic flights later in the year. The airline will use the customer feedback to improve their menu when they finally offer free meals and drinks to all flights in their domestic network.

Virgin Australia's move is the answer to Qantas' own free meals and drinks on all its domestic flights that the Red Roo has been instituting since last month. Aside from the free in-flight meals, Qantas also offers free checked baggage on all ticket categories.

Virgin Australia has been dishing out free meals via its transcontinental routes between major cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Passengers on other domestic routes, however, are yet to find free meals on board.

The rivalry between the country's two major airlines has started from the ground to 40,000 feet above where passengers are the ultimate judges.

Their rivalry is seen to escalate in the coming years as their fight transcends beyond their respective borders with Qantas started out with its partnership with Air New Zealand, Etihad and Singapore Airlines.