Virgin Australia Tweets: EAD You Douche: to Kanye West. Oops!

16th Feb 2016

Well, that was awkward. It would seem that someone at Virgin Australia is not a fan of Kanye West, or an employee used the company's account thinking he is on his private one.

Namely, the popular rapper got this tweet from the Australian carrier's account:

"@kanyewest EAD you douche"

This came after Kanye tweeted what he thinks about the 9 of 10 rating Pitchfork gave his latest album "The Life of Pablo". Kanye tweeted:

"Pitchfork, the album is 30 out of 10."

Now, you may agree or not with Mr. West on this one and love or completely hate his music, but there's a certain line that you should never cross, especially if you're a public airline company like Virgin Australia.

The mistake was fortunately quickly discovered and Virgin promptly issued an apology, also via Twitter:

"A recent tweet on our account was not published by a Virgin Australia employee and we are investigating the matter. We apologize for any offence caused."

Still, the tweet has apparently won Virgin Australia some support from anti-Kanye people. One of the users, David Olsen (@DDsD), tweeted:

"We support @VirginAustralia's anti @kanyewest stance."

You can probably figure out what EAD means on your own, 'because I sure am not going to say it here.

Virgin Australia to Dispose of its Entire EMB-170 Fleet

Meanwhile, let us return to some more serious business. Virgin Australia has announced today that it will get rid of six EMB-170 aircrafts. That's all the EMB-170s it has in its fleet. This should be done before the end of this financial year.

The six EMB-170s are currently being leased to Delta Air Lines.

In addition, the company will also sell 5 of its 18 EMB-190 jets by September this year.

John Borghetti, Virgin Australia's CEO said the company will make up for the decreased capacity by upping the use of its Boeing B737s.

Once it disposes of the EMB-170s, the Australian carrier will have 58 B737-800s, fourteen ATR72-500/600s, thirteen EMB-190s, six Airbus A330-200s and two Boeing B737-700 planes.

Virgin Australia Regional is also planning to offload its fleet of eight Fokker 50 aircraft.