Virgin Voted Best Place for Work in Australia

27th Apr 2015

Australian carrier Virgin has been voted as the best place to work in Australia by 50% Australians voting in the annual Randstad Awards. The recruitment and HR company revealed the results of this year's Randstad Awards' top 20 most attractive companies and top 10 most attractive industries in Australia.

According to the CEO of Randstad Frank Ribuot, the award was given to Virgin for their continuous investment in creating a major brand.

He said:

"It's better to shape and actively manage your brand rather than simply leaving to chance, if you want to make sure you're attracting the best talent for your business."

Another Australian carrier, Qantas came up fifth, making aviation the best industry to work in. According to votes, around 45% of questioned said they would prefer to work in an airline company than anywhere else.

In spite of suffering job losses in the previous 12 months, ABC ended in second place, followed by the Department of Immigration on third and Seven Network in fifth.

Those interviewed selected Virgin Australia for three reasons: strong management, pleasant working environment and a good balance between work and life the company offers.

How does Randstad Questionnaire Work?

The results of Randstad Awards were based on a questionnaire each quizzed person was asked to fill in. The questionnaire consisted of a series of questions about companies respondents would prefer to work in and their reasons why.

An employment analyst at Randstad Steve Shepherd explained the research is more important than simple surveys among those who already work with a company as it shows where people would prefer to work in.

According to Randstad, the company brand is the first thing new employees are looking for, as it promises job security, good pay checks and a strong work culture. Today, Ribuot explained, a jobseeker can find everything he or she wants to know about a specific company on the Internet.