Woman Rants on Facebook about Jetstar Seat

23rd Dec 2015

If you think your last flight was uncomfortable because they didn't have Pepsi on it, try putting yourself in the shoes of one Jetstar passenger who had to endure an entire flight on the only window seat without an actual window.

That's not all Ms. Nat Petech got when they showed her the seat. In addition to a having the privilege of staring at a wall her entire trip, the Jetstar regular was also entertained by other passengers' flushing of the toilet next to her and the chatter of the flight attendants behind her. Not to mention all the comfort a cramped seat can get you.

In fact, here is Ms. Petech's entire Facebook rant:

"I am a very regular customer on Jetstar and I don't really care about what seat I get, hence why I don't pay extra to select a seat.

Yesterday I was quite pleased to see I'd been placed on a window seat, because I hadn't sat on the window for a while. I was looking forward to enjoying the clouds. I got on the plane to find, yes I was seat 30A but this was the only row on the plane that DOESN'T have a window.

I was seated on the very last row at the back of the plane in a crampy little corner which was made even smaller by not having the window there to open it up. It is right next to the toilet, where it smells and you hear everyone flushing.

Right behind you is the chatter and rattle of the flight attendants. Now I am not one to complain but there are 30 rows of 6 which makes 180 seats.

I'm sorry but I paid just as much money as everyone else to be put in claustrophobic stinky, loud corner. This row should NOT exist.

It is squeezed in but should just be storage. I was relieved when I finally climbed out of my hole to see that I was at the front of the line and would get off first from the back door but no... They decide to not open the back door and unload everyone from the front.

Thanks Jetstar. Worst flight of my life. I'm not claustrophobic but do get uneasy in tight spaces... Especially thousands of feet in the air in a dark hole where I can't see where I am going or anything that's happening. Thanks a lot.

Avoid row 30 ABC for anyone travelling."