Woolworths Roll Out Qantas Loyalty Points Scheme

11th Apr 2016

Over the weekend, a limited number of Woolworths Rewards members probably felt privileged when they received a promotional offer via their emails for the new conversion deal the supermarket giant has made with the biggest Australian airline Qantas Airways, but now that same deal is available to all Rewards members.

A spokesman for Woolworths explained why his company decided to roll out the deal like this:

"We offer members targeted offers each and every week. In this case, a limited number of customers were offered the opportunity to earn bonus dollars off their shop with Woolworths Dollars, or Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, whichever they prefer. Woolworths Rewards members who register their email may receive this or other offers tailor to them from time to time."

He added:

"Woolworths Rewards customers will be able to convert Woolworths Dollars to Qantas Frequent Flyer Points in the coming months as we've already announced. We'll certainly let our customers know when that starts."

The three-year deal was announced back in December and allows Woolworths Rewards members to exchange 10 Woolworths Dollars into 870 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points. The supermarket company last year discarded its Frequent Flyer partnership with the Australian carrier in an attempt to get its Rewards Dollars over, but this caused a lot of customer backlash.

Qantas Loyalty Chief Executive Lesley Grant said:

"Qantas Points remains a very popular choice for a lot of people, particularly those who are earning them in several ways. Those customers tent to preference brands that offer Qantas Points because it helps them reach their goals faster, which can mean upgrade on flight or taking the family on an overseas holiday each year."

Steve Hui, from the rewards points management company iFlyFlat said the reintroduction of Qantas Points could be a good move for Woolworths:

"I am excited to see the reintroduction of Qantas Points rewards option for Woolworth's loyalty customers. I can see customers begin to return the love."

Nearly 9.5 million flights are redeemed using points earned at Woolworths in the first six years of partnership between Qantas and the supermarket giant.